How To Create a Traditional 5-line Staff for Percussion

I would like to use a standard 5-line staff for several non-pitched percussion and vibraphone (all one player). In Setup mode, when I create an empty kit and fill it with instruments, the full score layout shows a bunch of single line staves, one for each instrument. When I created the percussion kit, I had “5-line staff” selected (it displayed in blue).

See attachment for an example of what I need.

What am I missing?

Mark W.

Hi Mark,
You can edit the representation in the Layout options dialog.
There is a ‘Percussion’ tab under ‘Players’ (if I recall correctly), there you can select which representation you want (5-line staff, grid, individual single-line instruments).
You’ll also need to select which layouts you want to change with the selection on the right hand side of the window.

Thanks, Thijs - it took me a while to find the “layout options”, I’m still very new to Dorico. But you certainly pointed me in the right direction, and I appreciate it.