how to create Drum Bus for Multi Out EZ Drummer

Switched from Sonar Platinum to Cubase 9.5 pro. Very confused on how to set up Drum Bus for and mulit-out drum (EZDrummer, Superior Drummer, Konkatk). Maybe I just don’t understand how Cubase signal routes. Sonar was really straight forward and easy to accomplish. Any other Sonar users having this same problem?

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First post, welcome to the forums.

If I understand you correctly you have EZ Drummer configured so it has multiple outputs & you’d like to route all of them to a Group Channel.

There are several ways of doing this. The easiest (I think) is in the MixConsole select all of your VSTi output channels. Now right+click on them and select “Add Group Channel to selected channels”

Another way is to create a Group Channel using add track and then in the MixConsole routing section of the rack (you might need to make this visible) you can set each VSTi output to go to this Group Channel. Of course if you have a lot of outputs that will get old easily. But you could select all the outputs, turn on Quick Link, and then change the output routing of one output & all the rest will also change. Remember to turn off Quick Link when done.

Thanks for your prompt response. Group track looks like it will accomplish the task. Just frustrating trying to learn a new DAW after years on success with Sonar.

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Just watched How to Mix with VCA Faders in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo, and looks like VCA Fader will accomplish what I need in the short term.

Thanks again for getting me on the right track, So to speak:)

Even when I use a VCA I will still almost always route the individual outputs to a Group Channel (what a buss is called in Cubase). the reason is that while the VCA lets you chain your controls & automate them, no audio actually passes through the VCA (it just controls other controls). But with a Group Channel you are actually routing the audio into it. So for example if you want to apply a bit of compression to your entire drum kit to gel the sounds, you can’t do that with a VCA but you can with a Group Channel.