How to create list of selectable Wavetables???


I am fascinated by the Wavetable options Halion 6 offers, and as it can be very visual,
I would like to create a simple Wavetable synth for my students, to run in Halion Sonic SE 3.

I am getter deeper into the whole Macro Page thing, and the drag&drop approach is very easy
for assigning controls, and I already learned, how to strip and create wavetables out of samples.

But I cannot figure out, how to create a list of wavetables from where I can select, just like in Anima.
When I use the Select Wavetable in Anima, a popup appears, with al the wavetables available,
both for Anima, and those I already created by myself. But when I create this menu from scratch,
in a new program, this popup won´t appear, neither copying/pasting the original Select Wavetable menu from Anima.
And as there is no option to select wavetables in the Parameter List, I am stuck.

I already tried to understand, how Anima works, but I don´t get, how the Wavetable menu works.

Anyone out there, who can help?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Roger.

I just tried to create a program with Anima Wavetable Loader template.

You are right, it seems a bit buggy.
First, the menu didn’t pop up. Then when I changed the wavetable from the zone editor the macro page picked up the changes and started to work.
But it’s not very reliable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This happened to me with several macro page templates. When I load the flexphraser template it doesn’t work. But after saving the program and reloading the same program the flexphraser template is working.

If you want to build a library with wavetable selector I find the Wavetable Selector template found under Basic Controls to be more reliable. It has a few more options which let you specify your Product so that only your wavetable presets appear in the menu. The Anima Wavetable Loader seems to be preconfigured for the factory Anima presets and user presets only.

I just quickly created a test library using the wavetable selector and it seems to work.
Wavetable test (269 KB)
Snapshot of library creator:

Thanks a lot for your help and reply.
I will give it another try soon.

So you are suggesting, that the wavetable loader error only appears
on the Macro Page in Halion 6, but not the exported VSTSOUND file?


There are two wavetable selector templates. One is the Wavetable Loader found under Anima controls and then there’s a Wavetable Selector found under Basic Controls. I used the latter and it seemed to work.


I already tried your VSTSOUND file and actually it works just fine.
Also the image file was of great help. I´m going to advance my project
and continue to demystify it.

Thanks a lot.
All the best.



I have made about 20 attempts to create VST containers (appearently I already learned that…),
but the Wavetable Selecter never worked again.
At the first attempts I used directy the Wavetable Selector element provided and preconfigured by misohosa,
which did work, but only showed the wavetables he/she provided, and user wavetables I made before.
Reconstructing the Wavetable Selector (Basic) it did not anymore.

I suspected a wrong folder location for the wavetables (which were inserted to the Library Creator

Structure by drag&drop anyway), so I moved it first to

  • Steinberg/Halion/SubPresets/Product Name, which didn´t work, afterwards I moved it back to
  • Documents/Foco/Steinberg/Halion/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables/Product Name, with no result either.

Which should be the correct folder location?
Does the Wavetable Selector not work because of a wrong folder location?
Could we just have please an OPTION IN THE PARAMETER LIST, where we can link the Wavetable Selector to a folder?
Same could be applied to Sample Selection etc.



Hi Roger.

When you drag and drop your wavetable user presets into Library creator a folder structure like this should be created:

Sub Presets/HALion/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables

Change the “HALion” to match your product.
Use this (whatever you call your product) in your macro page wavetable selector template. In my test library I changed it to:

Sub Presets/Wavetable/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables and used Wavetable as Product.

Another option that should work is set the path in library creator like this:
Sub Presets/HALion/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables

and add a subfolder at the end like this:
Sub Presets/HALion/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables/Subfolder
Make sure the presets are located in “Subfolder” in the Library Creator.
In this case set the wavetable selector template: Product=HALion, Load From=Subfolder (or leave empty)

Maybe there are some other options. I find those two to be working for me. Give it a go


After doing some experiments I think the most simple and hassle free method how to go about this is:

  1. Organise your user presets. The path on Windows is: “C:\Users\User\Documents\Steinberg\HALion\Sub Presets\Wavetable\Wavetables”
    Create a subfolder and name it as your library. Put the presets you want to use in the subfolder you just created.
    If you create a program in Halion, add a wavetable selector template and set the Product to “Halion”, at this point you should see Halion factory presets (only Anima at the moment) and your user presets including presets in your subfolder you just created.

Wavetable selector template:
If you want the end user to have access to Halion factory presets as well as any user presets, leave the Load From empty. If you want to limit the options that appear in the menu to your library presets, set the Load From to the subfolder you just created.

Export the program as HSSE layer preset, save as HSSE program…

  1. Library creator:
    Drag and drop the program preset.
    Drag and drop the the subfolder with your wavetable presets. Correct path should be created automatically and should look like this:
    Sub Presets/HALion/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables/Subfolder

Hi misohoza, I´d like to express my thankfulness for your continous help.
That´s very kind of you.
I´ll let you know, how things are working out.


Hello misohoza!

I followed your instruction step by step and FINALLY SUCCEEDED!
Thanks a ton for this.
Finally I understand a bit more of the internals of Halion in terms of Wavetable synthesis.

I am stuck with one detail though…
As you described earlier,[ [u]I

  1. save the program as a Halion Sonic SE Layer Preset[/u], which I later drag
    to the LIBRARY CREATOR - STRUCTURE section.
  2. There appears an Error message, that
    no categories, subcategories, characters and author are inserted
    I guess, this is, because I didn´t save it as HSSE program. but I only found to option
    to save as Halion 6 Program
    , hence I am unable to save it as HSSE programm, but only as Layer Preset.
    (You mentioned in your last post to save it as HSSE program, hence the question.)

As a result:

  • it can only be found through Cubase´s Mediabay, where it shows to be a Halion Sonic SE preset
  • on doble click it openes in Halion Sonic full, but not in HSSE
  • it doesn´t appear in Halion Sonic nor HSSE Mediabays
  • the layer preset created for HSSE can be loaded into HSSE dragging it into an empty HSSE program slot.

I am on version 0.920 of my proyect.

I am almost there…Any idea?
Thanks in advance and All the best.


Hi Roger.

I’m glad you managed to solve the wavetable selector.

Regarding how to export the preset. There is one extra step needed which might not be obvious but it’s mentioned in the manual.
The whole process of creating a library would be:
Create your instrument in Halion. Export the program as HSSE layer preset.

Open Halion Sonic 3 and drag the layer preset into an empty slot. Check if everything works as expected and save the program (Halion Sonic program). You can add the tags while saving or you can do it later in Halion Sonic mediabay.

Now use the Halion Sonic program preset to create your library in Library Creator. You can use a Halion Sonic preset to create a library for HSSE. Alternatively you could do the step above in HSSE 3 but Halion Sonic has more editing options in case you need to adjust quick controls or edit the effects.

*In your screenshot you have the mediabay set to display programs. Your preset should appear when you switch the selector to display layer presets.

Hello misohoza, again thank you very much for your reply.

Actually I suspected an extra step, as I saw, that there were MediaBay tags missing,
and I thought, that I´d have to apply those tags externally (via HSSE), but as it did not open directly in HSSE,
I thought I did something wrong. I admit, I haven´t seen that description in the manual.

I will give it a try, and let you know the final result.
Again. Thanks a lot for your help. They should include you in the Steinberg Solver program.
Btw, where are you from?

All the best.


EDIT: It seems, that the Wavetable selector is actually buggy, or at least a little “sensitive”.
I found out, that editing a Macropage with the Wavetable Selector already inserted
after a while the WT Selector simply stops working. I resolve this usually by deleting and re-inserting it
into the macropage. I have to play around with the SCOPE parameter, inserting a space or deleting one
on applying @0:Zone1 . Inserting a space before the 1 or deleting it makes the wavetables available.
Very strange. :confused:


I followed you instruction and EVERYTHING IS WORKING AS EXPECTED!
I also created myself a little manual, for future use, based on what I found in the manual and your advices.
Please send me a PM with your email, and the other week I will send you something to show you my gratitud.

Thanks a lot for everything.
Any doubts regarding Cubase ( I am Certified Trainer), PM me.

All the best.