How to create "morendo" that plays back

Anyone figured out a good way to do morendo that plays back? Without having to add a hidden “>ppp” or similar every time.

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Dorico doesn’t have automatic support for this, though it’s something we might add in future.

(I’ve also updated the topic title. Please consider creating useful titles like this one instead of single-word titles in future. Thanks!)

+1 from me :wink:


Apparently the new BBS lets you click the Heart (like) icon to +1 a post, and there may be some benefits (status? greater access?) accrue to you by doing so.

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@dspreadbury Just to clarify our semantics, is clicking the heart / like icon the same as writing with +1 ?

Clicking the heart icon tells the poster you like or agree with what they’ve said. I don’t think that’s quite the same as replying with “+1”, but I can tell you that, on the Dorico forum at least, “+1” posts are not a factor in how we prioritise the things we choose to work on. You’re welcome to post them, of course, but please don’t be under any illusion that we are somehow counting up the “+1” posts: we’re not.


Copy that—thank you for clarifying!

Someone can explain to me what is it?