How to create Multi-bar rests in Dorico?

How do I create multi-bar rests in Dorico?

I couldn’t seem to find the answer to this on the forum or in the help file. My apologies if I’ve overlooked it somehow.


For part layouts they are on (created automatically) by default. This can be controlled in Layout options/Players…

Thanks for the reply, fratveno! I didn’t have “Show multi-bar rests” checked.

Hey folks,

I’m getting a funny thing happening where a multi-bar rest gets preceded by a single bar of rest, which I would love to see included in the multi-bar rest.

Any ideas for how to solve this little niggle would much appreciated.


This generally means that something is attached somewhere in the single bar. It might be an immediate dynamic at the end of a hairpin, shown before the barline but actually attached to the downbeat, or it might be an overly long lyric extender, for instance. Alternatively there may be an explicit barline.

For more specific guidance please upload a screenshot with all Signposts turned on (from the View menu), or better still, a project that exhibits the problem.

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Hey Pianoleo,
First off, it’s Sunday night here in Canada, and if you’re here then you’re working over the weekend, and if you’re in the UK or Europe, then you are up very early indeed on Monday morning and still taking the time to immediately answer my question. Thank you, sincerely.

I think the problem stems from an earlier problem where the bars to this particular part were showing empty, and i essentially needed to trick Dorico into displaying rests by copying in rests and notes from another part, then deleting the notes until only the rests remained.

Here is what I’m seeing in full score view, with the 6 empty bars:

And here is what I see in the part view, a stray barline at the beginning of the piece and then the 5 bar multi-rest:

Thanks again for looking at it!

(Here again is another example in another voice)

I’m in the U.K. and it’s 11.30pm on Sunday - I’m generally a bit of a night owl.

The mezzo stave in the score appears to be empty for that first system. Either double-click on its first bar and type Shift-B rest Enter, or select the first note or rest that’s visible in the mezzo stave, then turn off its Starts Voice property.

Edit: oh, but actually; that “Intro” text appears to be attached after the downbeat. You need to attach it to the downbeat, at least in Write mode. You can shift it over in Engrave mode if necessary, but if it’s not semantically on the downbeat then it’ll split the rests.

Hazah! It worked. Thank you so much, Pianoleo. That adresses the recurring problem in other parts as well.

I wrote out the first 17 measures in Dorico. All are rests. I need to put 10 under a multi rest and the next 7 under another multi rest. This isn’t a score, just an individual piece. I also need to add a section ‘A’ after measure 10. Suggestions how to do it?


Welcome to the Dorico forum.

For a rehearsal mark at the double barline at bar 11 - in Write mode, select the barline and press shift-A. The Properties panel will have some options as to its type and appearance - the options in Properties are often different depending on whether you have selected something in Write mode or Engrave mode.

For multi-bar rests - open Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests and look for Consolidate. It is fairly self-explanatory. Don’t forget to click Apply.

If you need to split a multi-bar rest into sections (eg 16 bars of rest into 2 lots of 8 bars of rest), turn off multi-bar rest Consolidation, go into Engrave mode, select the barline where the split is wanted and (in the menubar) choose Engrave > Split Multi-bar Rest, then turn Consolidation back on.

If you need to put the number for multi-bar rests underneath the staff, open Engraving Options > Rests > Multi-bar Rests, and explore the appearance options there.