How to create new instrument

how do i create an entirely new instrument? i’m wanting to learn the process of setting up percussion maps, playing techniques, etc… and i was planning on creating a trash can instrument using the VDL library:

but, when adding to the percussion map… there is only seemingly a hard coded list…

similarly… how would i add playing techniques for edge, and side (Or whatever oddities i may come across in VDL?)

BTW… VDL = Virtual Drum Line, if that wasn’t clear.

Check the Discover Dorico about VDL, and about percussion maps. If you still need some help, please ask.

You cannot easily create entirely new instrument types in Dorico as yet. We certainly plan to implement this in future, but it’s a huge undertaking because of the richness of the data that Dorico knows about instruments, so we can’t say exactly when this capability will arrive. There are reasonable workarounds in the meantime.

This is an interesting topic: some time ago I asked whether there was a way in which I could use a Northumbrian bagpipe. It is such a small set of pipes, with a quiet very distinctive sound, but at the time there did not seem to be an existing way of using this sound.

Perhaps one way might be to ask in the region of England where these pipes are used - the Music department of Durham University, for example - they might have some info , or can anyone else suggest another way, short of creating a new instrument.

Somebody might have created a sample library of this instrument – it would be worth a quick Google to see. If there are sounds that can be loaded into e.g. Kontakt then you can use them in Dorico.