How to create numbered systems

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can anyone tell me how I can number my systems? I’m trying to make an exercise sheet and I’d like to create a number on each separate exercise on the lefthand side of a system.
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I’m afraid there’s no built-in feature for this, Robert. It’s been asked for before, and hopefully in a future version we can come up with a good automatic way to show flow numbers to the left of systems like this.

In the meantime, you can probably get most of the way there by using a section player and then creating divisi changes that change the staff label at each system break. Coupled with a larger-than-normal size for the Staff labels paragraph style you can get reasonably close. Provided you don’t need to change key between each exercise and thus need to use a separate flow for each one, this shouldn’t be too much bother. In the attached project I’ve also set the instrument’s name to be empty using the Edit Instrument Name dialog, and told Dorico not to show divisi section labels above the staff in Layout Options.

systems-numbered.dorico (212.0 KB)

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The way I do it is to number the beginning of each flow, either using a rehearsal mark or text. Then I grab them all and move them into position.

Or make it one flow, and use the coda feature, and hide the coda sign.


Thank you for your reply! I’ll try to work my way through it like that and see if the results are what i’m looking for. Thanks once again!

I do it the same way Dan described. Use hidden Codas to hide cautionary key sigs (which aren’t necessary for an exercise clearly following a pattern), then select all the rehearsal marks at once and position them.