How to create repeat area enclosed by colon repeat markers?


I want to repeat a certain area of my song in the old fashioned way: colon right / left of the bar. How do I achieve this?

Every tutorial I saw only talks about repeat endings, but how about the beginning?! The way every explanation tells me to do it it always repeats from the beginning of the song because I cannot set the beginning repeat marker in any way. And I do not want to use Segno or other marked repeats like that, just an area enclosed by the classic colon repeat marker.


If you want to add a begin repeat bar, invoke the bar popover (shift-B) at the beginning of the to-be-repeated section (select the barline, the first note or put the caret there) and write |: (pipe character and two points character). End repeat is “:|” in that same popover. Hope this helps !

Thanks for the help. That’s exactly what I was looking for!