How to create the alternative Open Time Signature symbol

Hello all,

I have a score that at the very beginning is using a large ‘O’ letter to indicate the Open Time Signature instead of the X and the other alternative that is ready available form the Time Signature menu.

Open Time Signature symbol

In the Music Symbols window I have seen that the Time Signature O is available and I even attempted to add the two vertical lines above/below the O…

Custom O Time Signature

My issue now is how to insert the modified Time Signature O into the score. I have looked how to change the standard X time signature with the O time signature without any success.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help,

If you instead replace one of the glyphs used for the X or Penderecki open time signature styles, it should be as simple as inputting an open time signature and either setting the style for that one instance or setting your Engraving Option to the corresponding style for all open time signatures in the project.

Thank you very much Lillie for the suggestions… It would be great in the future to be able to use the ‘None’ time signature slot to add custom Open Time Signaure Glyphs.

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Maximvs, were you not able to get it to work?
I did this in just a few seconds by altering one of the other open glyphs:

All I did was alter the other glyph to match what you want, and then selected that as the stylistic option for that clef in the properties panel. Make sure you actually insert “open” as the meter rather than simply not having a meter at all.