How to create Tiny SVG

I am still struggling with this. I have some playing techniques which don’t print properly. I found out that I need SVGs in the „tiny“ format. I have Inkscape. What do I need to do? Why is it so hard???

Does this thread on help?

I have seen it. It talks about scripting. Is this really the only way to go? How do other people handle this?

What I do is export to PDF, then use Cloud Convert to convert it to SVG with paths. That makes it display correctly everywhere.

The extra step is a little annoying, but it works extremely well. I did a major project with several hundred of these and it was totally correct.


I see, thanks I will try it!
It’s just such a world beyond me, and I don’t even know what I don’t understand here…

I don’t really understand totally either, but I think the summary is that Dorico’s SVG output retains the font info, so it’s dependent on having the font to render correctly. But if you convert “text to path” or whatever, the conversion engine turns that font data into actual curves and lines, so it’s no longer dependent on a font.


The benefit to dorico’s current approach is that you can open up the SVG in certain programs and edit the text as text, whereas that is stripped away when converting to curves. That said, we already have PDFs if we need that functionality, so I would personally prefer (and had previously assumed) that SVGs were truly just a set of curve paths (that’s the fundamental purpose of using the SVG format, after all). Or better still: perhaps two options: one to embed the font data, and another to strictly convert to curves.

The issues I have are not so much with fonts or outlines (I think?), but with transparencies. All my glyphs didn’t include any fonts, but just outlines. The few glyphs that created problems I reworked without transparencies. Next time I will try Dan’s approach.
The graphics I created came from Affinity Designer.
This is what I found as to what “tiny” means. It seems like it’s a subset of a full SVG, but still SHOULD support both vectors and fonts.

Still very unclear to me, lol. How come major Design Software such as Affinity and Inkscape are not supporting it natively?

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Have you tried the different settings under more when you export SVG?


I am on a deadline, and didn’t have the time to try out settings. the “no transparency trick” worked (funnily, one glyph was just not showing anything, as soon as I added a white fill - boom, the outlines appeared).

Do these settings work for you reliably?

Those settings work with transparency for me.
(Also in Sibelius)

Quick test:


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While you’re at it, could I ask you if it shows correctly when printed? In Dorico everything looks fine to me, too, but when using the graphic export, it didn’t work for me. I didn’t notice last november, and well, that was an embarrassing moment in front of the musicians…

Seem so, I just created a circle in Affinity Designer and made it semi-transparant.


01 - Full score - Untitled Project 1 (1).pdf (29.0 KB)

Thank you! I’ll bookmark it and come back to it after Monday… :slight_smile:

De nada.