how to create your own sample library like the ESX24 in Logic Pro

Hi guys, I crossgrade from Logic to Nuendo. I’m still learning this amazing DAW, but I use my personal library on Logic with the ESX24 sampler. I mean I rec, my own sound and use the ESX24 like Kontakt.

I try to explain with a video form spitfire:

Is there in Nuendo something like that? I mean, I need to create my personal library to Nuendo too and use my keyboard

Thank you :exclamation:

Read up the “Sampler Track Feature” in Nuendo’s manual - it won’t replace EXS, but it should get you close. :slight_smile:

Hi Astrad,

a “normal” sampler like ESX24 is not included in Nuendo.
But - you can use the Groove Agent SE for this task incl. chromatic instrument Key Multi Sampling ! with crossfade loop, mapping, envelopes, filter… same result.

The SamplerTrack in Nuendo is a great solution for fast sampling too - SamplerTrack can only manage one sample at a time, so it reminds of the Simpler sampler in Ableton:

Alternatively, you could import and save your EXS sounds in Kontakt. Open Kontakt in Nuendo. Easy.

Another solution is to use Freeware like the TX16W Sampler, also great for Multi Mapping, and TX16W can import EXS format:

But I´m a big fan of Halion (6) - this Sampler can also read EXS files but offers so muuuch more, the synthetic engine is ingenious…
Halion has a auto sampling feature, it is very reminiscent of EMU samplers from the 90s. Luv it. Sample Mapping is also much easier than in EXS.
This machine is also a wonderful synthesizer with wavetable synthesis, Resynthesis e.g. There are deals or crossgrade offers from steinberg occasionally. Granular synthesis: