How to Crossfade (Brand New User)

Hello All,
I would like to learn how to crossfade eight little audio clips overtop of a 3 - 1/2 minute song. Is there a tutorial on this subject? I do not know how to start.
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I do not know of a tutorial specifically for crossfading but there are a few ways to do crossfade audio clips.

I would suggest making a new audio montage session, loading in the files you need, and arranging them so they crossfade as needed. I would create (at least) two audio tracks so you can stagger the eight audio clips between the two tracks for easy crossfading. If you prefer to have each clip on it’s own audio track that can work too but sometimes two tracks is all you need if it’s a simple task.

You can arrange the files as needed and apply fades to the start and end of the clips. From there, you can render any new files you might need with the crossfades applied.

Do you need to produce one new file with all the crossfades applied?

Here’s an image of two audio clips crossfaded using two audio tracks:

You can also crossfade files on one audio track in a montage if you prefer. Just drag the audio clips around as needed.

There is also a choice of fade curves from the window on the right.

Here’s an example of crossfading using one track:

Many thanks Jperkinski! Yes I need to produce one new file saved as an MP3 with all crossfades applied so they come in and out of the music.

No problem. I would suggest making an audio montage session, arranging and fading the clips as needed. When you have it dialed in, you can render a new mp3 or WAV file of the full montage.

My next stumbling block is the system refuses to insert my audio clips because it says the sample rates are mismatched with the song(44-100) even though I have selected the option for it to resample. It says the problem is the number of channels. This is way over my head and I do not know what to do. Suggestions?

It’s hard to say without looking at everything, but perhaps you created a stereo audio track in the montage but the audio clips are mono files, or the other way around.

Be sure that you are using stereo audio tracks for stereo files, and mono audio tracks for mono files. If you open and look at the original files in the edit portion of Wavelab, you will be able to see if the original files are mono or stereo and other properties like sample rate.

Again I thank you! I have now gotten this project to the point of saving and need your help: I need to save my montage as an MP3 file. Thought it would be as simple as file, save as, MP3. Not. It does not give me that option. Can you please explain the steps for how to save the montage to an MP3 file in my Wavelab Elements??

You’ll need to “render” an mp3 file from the montage you created using the render dialogue box. I believe the default shortcut to open the render dialogue is simply pressing the “A” key, but you can also go the File menu–>Export and choose render.

When the render dialogue box appears you can choose to render the “whole montage” or individual regions based on track markers if you prefer.

There are many other options but near the bottom you’ll see the “File Format” section and this is where you can choose mp3 and other formats. At the right side of the “File Format” is an icon that I think looks like a filing cabinet. If you select this you can fine tune the settings for the file you want to render. I don’t remember the presets that are there when you first install Wavelab but there could be an mp3 preset that you can use, or select and fine tune the settings for your needs.

I should note that I have only used the full version of Wavelab and not Wavelab elements, so there is a chance that some things can differ or not be available in Wavelab Elements.

And to add to the very good answer above: just for your understanding, the Wavelab montage and its montage file constitute a non-destructive workspace. Meaning that all original files remain untouched, and you can later adjust your work and render to a different file format, for instance.

Jperkinski your generous tips got me through this task! Yes I did find a difference in the rendering process with Wavelab elements but no matter. With your guidance I eventually figured it out. This is some sophisticated program. I thank you!!

On my second attempt at a crossfade audio montage I notice the voice clips completely blot out the music. May I ask what is the procedure in Wavelab Elements to make the background music still audible when the pasted in voice clips are playing? When I place an audio clip on the top half only of the stereo line I can hear the music but the audio isn’t loud enough and then the music plays back weirdly after the clip is finished because the timing for the music is thrown off.