How to cut a specific tie?

So far I can only figure out how to remove all the ties from a note but what if I just want to remove on tie? Right now I have to cut all the ties and then add back in the items I need. I find myself having to do this all the time.

Turn on note input, move the caret to the spot you want, and press U.


That’s a neat trick which I didn’t know about.

To assist the OP and any others who would like to use this feature, I found that the caret must be aligned with the start of the note at the end of the tie which is to be removed.

For example -


becomes this after pressing U

while this

becomes this

after pressing U.


Exactly what Tantacrul should have shown in his video about Dorico instead of telling nonsense :wink:


Thank you!

I really think that @dan_kreider should have received the green tick for Solution, rather than me. He was the one who gave the information.
Up until I read his post, I did not even know that you could split a tie chain like that. All I did, after trying it out for myself, was to elaborate a little on how it works.


Done, I originally green ticked you since you provided a larger explanation.

Thank you for this. Is there any way to move the carat to where my mouse is or can I only move it with arrow keys?

You can double-click a blank part of the staff (not on the notehead or the tie itself) and the caret will appear at that position.


Yes, we want every operation in this powerful, complex program to work exactly the way we would have guessed. No need to learn anything, just start clicking. Hooray!


“When all else fails, read the instructions.”


How intuitive is it to move notes, lengthen or shorten notes by the grid? If you haven’t read anything about Dorico or watched videos, how on earth are you supposed to know this even exists??? Well, you can’t, because none other behaved like this. The same applies to the caret.
There’s a point where you really need to get acquainted with some form of documentation, when dealing with such complex and innovative software. Denying it is plain wrong.