How to cut/crop audio?

Hello everyone,

Beginner’s beginner’s beginner’s question here:
If I cut a recording with the scissors-tool in the timeline, how do I crop the part that I have left into an ‘original’? As usual, the Sample Editor still loads the full recording.

How do I apply my cut, made in the project timeline, also on the sample so only my cut/crop shows up in the Sample Editor? Thanks in advance!
Now I totally get lost in the Sample Editor because it’s such a long recording of several repetitions in a row; I’d like to silence/cut the end of the previous take and the beginning of the following on the one I actually use.

Using Cubase Pro 8 on OSX.

Bounce selection would create a new event with just the cut segment.

Thank you! That did the trick.
Didn’t replace the event when I tried it before.