How to cut larger files in to tracks in Wavelab 11

I am trying out Wavelab 11 for my department (a music and theatre department at a university)… We do a lot of recording of recitals and concerts, all done as one shots, and I would like to have an all in one solution for mastering the finished product. The main problem I am having in Wavelab has been that I would like to cut a large file of the concert down to individual tracks and trim them down. I have figured, in part, how to get rid of the dead space between the files, but have not figured out a way to cut between tracks and see them on the Audion Montage. Most of the searches I have done on the site see to go back to Wavelab 6 or so, and the manual doesn’t show me the screens I seem to be able to see. So any advice would be welcome. Please feel free to ask follow up questions.



I am sure others will jump in with their own way of working. I actually master a few live shows/concerts.

I am not exactly sure what you are looking for but : The most efficient way I found is to kind of emulate source destination/edit found in a couple of other DAWs:

Create a fresh montage from the main (continuous) track New > Audio Montage > From Current File but I just use (edit) SHIFT+T on windows … I guess you could do this using a Reference Track but I personally don’t.

Create two new stereo tracks (so now there are three in all).

Edit the main track by splitting it where you need it to be : copying the freshly created clips alternately into tracks 2 and 3 … so they appear staggered.

This lets you move the program content around, create cross fades, insert crowd ambience and so on. You also can then insert processing to clip/track/output.

It makes it super easy to do further editing on the relevant section .

There are multiple render/bounce options as well.

The montage is a completely non-destructive process.

I hope this makes some sense.


I think that was what I needed. An interesting way to work, it’ll take a little while to get used to, but I think I like it. Thank you very much.


Oops that was SHIFT+T … for the file to montage shortcut … apologies

No Problem! I figured it out. Thanks for the help!