How to cut the beginning of an event?

Sorry, experienced users, another tearing my hair out frustration that I cannot find the answer to. I am trying to cut the beginning off of an event off WITHOUT the remainder of the event jumping into the deleted bars. The manual says “Cut- Cuts out the data in the selection range and moves it to the clipboard. The selection range is replaced by empty track space in the Project window”, but the cut bit is never empty, the uncut part always snaps into the empty space.

Any thoughts gratefully received. Ta.

It would be helpful if you told us which tool you are using, I’ll assume it’s the range tool.

What you describe would happen if have the Snap Type set to Shuffle.

you should use the “regular cut” ctrl+X (not the “cut time” in range section).
if it still does that make sure the snap type is not set to shuffle.

in similar topic, i try to find a way to “cut event” like the “cut time” type, but only the same event on track shuffles. the rest of events in time should stay in time and not moved by the cut.

That would be using the range tool on only that track, and the Cut Time command.

i mean the rest of events in the same track (if any) should not move in time, only the edited event

Thanks all for taking the time to reply.

I was using the range tool in the sample editor. I wasn’t aware there was any other way of doing it. Although this isn’t a way of doing it, as it it turns out.

It makes no difference whether snapping is turned on or off or if the delete key, ctrl+x or a menu command is used. I have searched the manual for ‘snapping’ and there is no reference to ‘shuffle’. Searching under ‘shuffle’ has only one reference to moving events, under auto scroll (the other instances relate to rhythms). Nothing about how to turn it on or off. Apparently there are 4 variations, but no description whatsoever of how they can be accessed, unless buried under some other heading -which to be honest is where I sometimes find answers, after hours of searching or more often just by chance.

I am certain that most of my issues with Cubase would disappear if the manual wasn’t so utterly useless.

By a process of trial and error I have discovered that in order to do what I want I have to create slices, edit and then delete the ones I don’t want: then nothing else is affected.

Sorry for your trouble.

But did you search for “Snap”? That section of the manual has all the details about it.

It might help to know that the manual is not really set up as a reference guide with quick access to stuff, it’s more of a read-the-whole-chapter kind of thing. There are some ommissions, and hard-to-understand explanations. It does contain a lot of info.

When you post another question it will help us if you are very specific about everything– what editor or window you are in and all that, I just assumed, incorrectly, that you were editing in the Project Page.

You are using Elements, does it come with the Full Cubase manual, or does it have its own?

Good morning Steve,

Thanks for the advice. I’m using Cubase as well as Reaper, and to be honest the Reaper manual is brilliant - just search for a key word and everything is explained: I shall bear in mind your thoughts on the way the Cubase manual is designed and look at the chapters as a whole in future. I just wish there was either a paper or ePub version, it would be so much easier to read. In answer to your question, yes there is a separate manual for Elements.

I’ll try to be more precise in the future, if I have any questions to ask.

Thanks again.

If you’re in the sample editor sand want to remove a section you can always use the range tool and then hit ‘silence’ that will do what you want.

I don’t use the sample editor for removing sections, I zoom in in the project and use the range tool and the delete key.


I just use the scissor and snip either side of the bit I don’t want and then use the eraser or delete and its gone! no other data moves in time or otherwise.
Regards Mike.