How to de-active Cubase 12 from a broken machine?

Hi moderator,

Last month, my host computer (which is a Mac Pro 2013) had issue with GPU and it’s no longer work. So I have to use the 3rd license of my Cubase for another backup computer.
I have many plugins’s Licenses from Ilok account, and it is so easy to send them a report to get all those licenses back.
However, I can not figure out how to get my Cubase license back. Could you please show me how or give me a direct email to contact to customer support, to reset or get my license from that old computer back?
I am in Vietnam so every time I want to create a ticket, the site always re-direct me to local distributor-search page. And believe me, there is no one from there can help me.

Thank you and regards,

Le Thanh Tam.


Get in contact with your local Steinberg support, please. They can release the seat for you.

Hi Martin,

It is possible for other country, but not in my country. I know my local distributor and they just sale the products, no further support.
I personally didn’t purchase my Cubase from Local distributor. I paid for it directly from Steinberg.
I also notice that the licenses are controlled by Steinberg Activation Manager, not by the distributor.
I also remember that we did it easily when using e-licenser (Zero downtime).
Will we have any different process in future? Just like Ilok? I reported my Mac was dead, and just wait, then I can get all the license back. If there will be a similar process in future, I will wait.

Thank you Martin, you always be here for every of our issues.

By the way,

I contacted the Local authorized distributor, they replied already that they don’t know how to do it.

Thank you.


I sent you a Private Message.