How to de-emphasize on-the-beat notes

Hello, I am working on a piece which has a section with constant 16ths in a string quartet. I do NOT want the 16ths on the beat or on the first beat to be emphasized, yet I cannot seem to fix this. I have already turned off the settings in playback options which optionally emphasizes on-the-beat and on-the-first-beat notes, and have even gone into the expression maps for the VST im using (Spitfire solo strings) and made sure to check the playback options overrides are present. Could it be a setting in Kontakt?

Ah wow! I quickly figured this out actually. The Round-Robins in Kontakt were set to x4 and x8, so there would be a natural tendency to hear the RR reset as an accent. I changed it to x3 and x7 and this seems to have worked. Phew!