How to delay one side of a stereo track?

I have a stereo track (left and right happen to be equal, so it’s effectively mono), and I want to delay one side (left or right). How can I do this? Thank you.

Stereo delay -> only activate one side

Okay, I’ll do that with the “Mix” control, 0 on the non-delayed side and 100 on the delayed side. Sorry I missed that earlier while investigating StereoDelay. Thank you.

Or use the MixerDelay found under Surround effects.

Thanks. I’d read the docs for that one, and it says nothing about use on stereo tracks; but now that I try it, I see it realizes it’s on a stereo track and it adjusts its parameters accordingly.

Or, if you use the MonoDelay as an insert, change its Routing in the Channel Settings to Mono and select the left or right channel in the Routing-Editor.

I had to finally learn about Routing to try this, but it was worthwhile, and your suggestion works. Thank you.