How to delete all FACTORY Cubase Presets?

Hi there,

Would really love to find a way to delete Track Presets, FX Presets, and Instrument Presets. Is this possible?

Having to rummage through all of these to find my custom ones is always a pain. I’d rather not have to use prefixes and/or filters to simply find something I’ve saved.

And if they are under the hood can anyone tell me their directory of where these are?


Cubase 10.5 / Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

not an answer, just a thought… I put my initials in front of all my custom presets, but maybe I should just put a 0 (or whatever’s needed) in front of them so they all just show up at the top of the list.

Not a bad idea at any rate, prefixes would fix the scrolling and what not! If nothing does come up Ill probably result to this. I just have to imagine this is possible. Thanks!

I use either “!” or “#” as a prefix and that puts them at the top while still being fairly readable.

Deleting all the stock presets seems like it could introduce some unintended consequences. But I suppose you could just select everything using Media Bay and use the Delete key if you are so inclined.

Raino, I use an underscore in Windows Explorer when I want a certain folder to be displayed at the top of the list. Will Cubase accept an underscore as part of the name?

Unregister (or delete, rename) vstsound files you don’t need. “Cubase Content” contains many factory presets.
Steinberg Library Manager > REMOVE > Unregister

Not sure and not at DAW, but it’s easy to just try it and see. :wink:

Good point, Roger.

How do you actually delete from here? The delete key only seems to unselect whatever or all presets that are selected.

You’re right, they don’t delete. I’d never wanted to delete one and hadn’t actually tried it. It does let me delete Presets I’ve created but the factory content seems to be locked down.

Looks like using prefixes is the only way to go.

Wait, I think my duhh pill just wore off. In Media Bay in the Left Zone’s Browser you can either uncheck all the Folders with stuff you don’t want to see; or select a Folder that only has your stuff in it.

Doesn’t actually delete anything - but out of sight, out of mind.

This drives me nuts. In Halion 6 there is a little button that filters out user presets, why don’t they have that all across Cubase?!

I just use the folder view. It’s available in the popup that opens when you go to save or load a track preset. You probly have to check a box to turn it on, it’s in the upper left corner I believe.

I think that you have to check this box before you can turn off all of the Steinberg presets and their whole filter thing.

Once you can see it, it looks like a folder tree, just like in windows Explorer. Navigate to track presets >User Presets, and you can save and access all of your own track presets from there.

Using this folder view has allowed me to not only easily save and find my own track resets, but to organize them in a complex categorical structure.

For example I have one folder called strings which contains track preset for all of my Kontact orchestral string instruments. Within this folder I have sub folders that break down the different kinds of strings, i.e. cellos, violas, bass’s etcetera, And within those folders I have all the different types of articulations like spiccato, longs, tremolos etc.

And of course I have the same structure for brass woodwinds and another for percussion.

And that’s just the orchestral instruments.

I also have preset folders for guitar, kick drum, electric basses etc.

I also have preset folders for all the pre sets in specific songs or projects. This is really helpful for various things.

Another cool thing is that all these folders of created for my track presents are actually windows folders that you can access through windows Explorer. So if you want to ever do mass reorganization type stuff, Like copying folders Kano renaming folders, or deleting folders, you can do it from within windows Explorer instead of trying to do it from within Q base.

And all the while never seeing any Steinberg factory presets.

Kind of ironic to have these work arounds, presets are supposed to be convenient, but is what it is. Filtering to your User Presets in a custom folder with the prefix ‘!!! preset name’ is what I’ve resulted to. So even w/o filtering they come up on top. (Some seem to already have an exclamation point at the beginning)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Using the folder view, as I described in the post right above, is not really a work around but an alternative and superior way to manage and organize your track presets. If you didn’t read it, I suggest you give it a look over as it may save you a lot of time and hassle in the future.

I give all of my presets a five star rating, then permanently leave the rating filter at five stars in the media bay, and add ‘Rating’ as the first filter column in the preset browser.