how to delete all variaudio events on a track ?

I want to delete all variaudio events on a track. I tried “reset variaudio” but that doesn’t delete the events and the project still takes too long to save. Bouncing the track doesn’t delete the events either.
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


The events are not deleted after the Reset. Just the Value is set to the original one. Do you want to delete it only because of long saveing time?

hi Martin,
Yes. It interrupts the workflow. It takes up to a minute when autosave is on. And in this particular case it was just an experiment and I don’t need the Variaudio events.
I solved it by reloading the original file but surely there must be a way to delete the events in a track ?

Try this – select all VariAudio events (Cmd+A or Windows equivalent), switch to Segments mode (Tab) and press Del. The events will be deleted. Not sure if it will reduce your saving time though.

Thanks sasha,
they are indeed deleted but the filesize and save time is the same. Strange…