How to delete an empty page

In my score the last page is empty. I don’t even know how to create an empty page and how this page was created. IMO Dorico should manage the pages automatically correctly. How can I delete this empty page?
Bourree a bearbeitet.dorico (654.7 KB)

Seitenabweichung im Notensatz-Modus entfernen, dann verschwindet die leere Seite.


Remove page overwrites in Engrave Mode, then the blank page will disappear.

I can’t find this option in the Ipad version. Where is it? Are you sure that it exists in the Ipad version?

I didn’t see you have the iPad version, sorry. But I wonder how one can create a page overwrite on iPad.

Maybe somone else can help.

Dorico Elements, which is the version of Dorico closest in feature set to Dorico for iPad when it has an active subscription or Lifetime Unlock, provides a menu item for this in the Engrave menu, but I’m afraid at the present time this isn’t available in the menu in the iPad version. It should be included in the menu you can access via the secondary toolbar, but it’s not in there.

If you have a keyboard attached to your iPad, you can hit J to open the jump bar and type Remove All Page Overrides, which will allow you to execute that command in Engrave mode.

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Thanks for the hints. Unfortunately I don’t own a keyboard for the Ipad. Will there be in the near future an update for the IPad version, in which the keyboard - only - options will be available in the menus too ? Otherwise I have to buy a keyboard for IPad.

Certainly we need to expand the options that are included in the menu in the secondary toolbar. I can’t say exactly when an update including these additional menu items will arrive, however.