How to delete an Instrument from a Player

I could not figure out how to remove an Instrument from a Player. So, I created a new Player, dragged the Instrument to the new player, then deleted the new Player.

I there a better and/or easier way to do this?

By the way, I am really starting to enjoy Dorico better than ever, as I spent all day studying the design philosophy. I am not a frequent user, but this week I needed to transcribe Baritone Sax to Bassoon ( Gluck , Three Ballet Movements from Orfeo arr. Melanie Thorpe) and hence I developed a deeper appreciation for the power of this software

If you click on the little dot dot dot bit on the end of the instrument’s ‘card’, you will get a menu with options.



Problem was a dying mouse battery. I could not open the 3 dot menu. It would left click but not right click. weird huh? Replaced battery and now I can open dot, dot, dot menu

If you are on a Mac and your right-click is not working or you have a one-button mouse, a right-click can be simulated by holding down the control key while you are clicking. This was available on the Mac long before two-button mice became standard with OS X.
Windows has an equivalent functionality - I think it involves holding down shift-F10 while clicking, but it would be prudent to check on that rather than trusting my memory. It might also be possible to customise something in the Accessibility options/settings on your system.

Though it should only be a standard left-click to access the Instrument menu.

A Right-click gives you a different contextual menu that applies to the PLAYER, not the Instrument.


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Yes, I had it backwards. I could open the Player menu but not the Instrument menu. I didn’t realize it was a bad battery until I was having too many other problems.

I have noticed, that this is the way to delete a player, but how can I also delete the VST?

You can remove the VST plug-in from the VST rack in Play mode, provided it’s the last instrument in the rack: otherwise, you can change the assignment of that slot in the rack to be empty by choosing - - - from the menu instead of one of the named plug-ins.