How to delete articulation/ornament via keyboard

I can add jazz articulations to notes easily via the Ornaments popover but is there a way to remove them, too, without having to go into the Ornaments sidebar panel and clicking the remove button?

All the keyboard shortcuts for articulations are toggles. There is no shortcut to remove all articulations in one go, though.

And what’s the keyboard shortcut way to toggle the articulation off then? Shift-O and typing it again on a note with already existing articulation doesn’t remove it for me.

Shift+O is Ornaments and Trills. Articulations (tenuto/accent/staccato/marcato etc.) have their own shortcut keys. I don’t know what language your keyboard is in, so I can’t tell you what the shortcuts are, but whatever you use for turning them on can also be used to turn them off.

But jazz articulations are added as ornaments via Shift-O… so I don’t know of a way to turn them off using the keyboard.

You can assign a key command to Note Input > Remove Jazz Articulation in the Key Commands page of Preferences.

Ah, had no idea this was exposed to a key command! Thanks Daniel.