How to delete page numbers (not page number changes and not pages) - page NUMBERS

Thanks if anyone can help

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want the page numbers to not display? If so, do you need to edit your page template design to remove them there.

The pages are still numbered, but the numbers won’t appear anywhere.

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thanks - not sure how to do that -

yes I want no page numbers at all (my publisher adds their own)

I would recommend consulting the manual. Search for “page templates.”

You could take a look at this page from the First Steps guide, and just adjust the specifics: edit the Default page template, rather than the First; and delete the page number text frames in the top outer corners rather than the copyright frame at the bottom.

doesn’t come up

thank you

It’s the first search result for me when I Google “Dorico page template.” Or you can reference the link Lillie posted.

you’ve made my day - worked first time thanks so much

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only one thing to note - you have to use ‘default’ rather than ‘first’ so you can get to the pages with page number boxes - you delete one - on one side only and they all go - perfect!

Yes I believe I pointed that out :slight_smile:

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So sorry Lillie - I actually somehow read it backwards - apologies and thanks again for your help