How to delete time?

There must be an easy way to do this… but I’m messing up my project for more than 2 hours now :frowning:
I managed to rule the tempo track following the recording, now I simply want to delete the first 3 bars. Result should be: bar 4 becomes bar 1, recorded applause comes in that first bar and the song starts exactly 2 bars later (now bar 6).

Use the range tool

Many thanks Janostudio.

So the solution is:

  • select the range to delete
  • menu Edit
  • Range
  • Delete Time

If the object tool is selected (the usual choice when working):

  1. Set the left and right locators for the range to be deleted;
  2. Hit Shift + Backspace.

An easy way to do this is to select the range and hit “P”
That sets the locators to the borders of the selection.
But the delete range command is faster, I guess.