How To Delete Unused EDIT Files?


I thought that removing files from the pool would delete the corresponding edit files but it doesn’t seem to be doing that. I have a project where I’ve been importing large audio files of different sample rates and resampling them to for the current project. This creates large files in the “Edits” folder, and I’d like some way to automatically delete the unused ones. There must be a function for this if it’s not handled automatically right? I thought it might be “Cleanup” but I can’t seem to find any documentation about that specifically for edit files.


not automatically, but the sequence you can use is just a few clicks.
after you have rendered new copies of what you want to keep in the project, I use the command…
“Remove unused media” and put it into the “Trash”.
then …“Empty Trash” and 'erase"
this will erase ALL files in the trash.

or you can select the files in the trash you want to erase and hit delete, a dialog box will pop up to let you “Erase” or “remove from pool”. What you have asked for is to use “erase”


Thanks. I’ve been selecting the files in the pool and using the “remove from pool” method already. I’d assumed that this would also delete the edit files that Nuendo made automatically, but I’m finding that it doesn’t. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to get Nuendo to delete unused edit files.

There are times when it is to you advantage to have the option to “remove from pool” instead of “Erase”
I am working on one now, an archive project where I record a lot of tapes in, then render the sections I need, erase the original files, then delete the rendered files, and remove those from pool, this leaves just the rendered files on the server.


Thanks, but I’m not talking about the audio files. I’m taking about the edit files that Nuendo creates when you process an audio file (like pitch shift, resample, etc).

“Prepare Archive” will turn those files into permanent files.

True, but that would also copy all of the audio files that weren’t in my project folder into my project folder, which isn’t what I want in this scenario. I’m looking for a “purge unused edits” or something like that.

Anyone have any idea about this?

Why would you even want to do this?

For me this sounds like asking for trouble.
I see the edits folder as a folder where Nuendo puts files it needs when while the user is working on a session.
I kind of feel like not interfering is the best way not to run into trouble.

HDD space is really a lot cheaper than the trouble you need to go through explaining that there are offline files in your timeline to your customer…

These are large files that I’m talking about, so they’re creating gigs of unused wasted hard drive space. I’d always thought that if you removed a file from the pool then Nuendo would automatically delete these files. If that’s not the case, and there’s no command to ask Nuendo to do that then there is a problem.

I see your issue, but not knowing your system/network setup and how many drives you have access to…I can only describe the way I approach this;
Working always on a dedicated work drive/drives. They are 4 TB each and have a few of them. I also use “remove from pool” option when a job is done, but; I make a “back up copy” of each finished project onto a whole different drive, with no “unused” files.

helps ?

My goal though, is to remove unused data from my hard drives. “Back Up Copy” would copy all of the files external to my project folder to a new location. I’m happy with where these files are on my computer, so I’m not looking to duplicate them.

I can’t think of a reason that Nuendo wouldn’t delete edit files for the corresponding audio files once you remove that file from your pool. Can you? Can anyone? Moderators maybe?


Again, so what?
HDD prices are at 0,03 Euro/GB for internal drives.
So much cheaper than needing to explain to your customer that you wasted his expensive studio time in creating problems. Just stay out of Nuendo’s business and enjoy your free time.
If you really need to reduce HDD space then do it with the backup function when the session is finished (as lemix suggested)

I know that you’re trying to help, but your mild condescension about what I should care about is unnecessary.

So I’ll ask again. Can anyone think of a reason that Nuendo shouldn’t delete edit files for the corresponding audio files once you remove that file from your pool?

I don’t think Oliver intended to be condescending, and I certainly didn’t take it that way. I also happen to agree with what he says in that it’s a relatively minor issue.

To answer your questions though, I don’t know how to get rid of them, and I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be deleted. Perhaps it wasn’t considered, or perhaps it has to do with the ability to undo some steps the user has taken.

Yes, maybe it has to do with the ability to undo. That seems somewhat logical.

I do think it’s a waste of space though, and as I said before, when dealing with large files that are all getting processed then this can create a lot of waste. So I do think a function to flush out unused edit files would be nice, if it isn’t handled automatically.

My experience has been that if you don’t want them, you can just throw them away, and lose your edit (and offline file process, I think) history.

I’ve successfully mined lost files from the edit folder long after they became irrelevant to the undo history, so I never throw them out until the end of an audiobook project (typically by doing an archive)-- and keep them forever for edit-intensive music/post sessions, because you just never know…


It sounds a bit as if you are misunderstanding the use of "Remove from the Pool’? NUendo specifically DOESN’t delete files with this command, and you can use it if you might need the files in another, related project, for example if you’ve saved the same project with different Save As names, for other purposes, eg alternative versions of the same project.

If you KNOW you don’t’ need the unused files, simply Move Unused to Trash, and Delete the Trash.

Edited to say, another useful trick is to use Create a backup Project, using the option to only copy used files. That way you only have the files you need, and you can safely delete the original project.

Part “a” of this doesn’t work-- “remove unused files” doesn’t get rid of the stuff in the edit folder.

Part “b” works. But for me, the simplest way is just trashing the edit folder.