How to delete unused software e-licensers from my account?

How to delete unused software e-licensers from my Steinberg account?

I can’t find option delete software e-licensers (with not linked products)

Hi and welcome,

You cannot delete it. You can reactivate it to another computer only.

Why do you want to remove it?

Hello Martin.Jirsak

before activate my license Cubase AI 8 (see my attached screen), I reinstalled the operating system Windows several times, because there were problems
and so I have a some versions of UNUSED software e-licensers which are not linked to my license Cubase AI 8

maybe I should write to Steinberg support that they removed unused soft e-licensers if that option (DELETE) not aviable?


I see, there are no licenses activated on these Soft-eLicensers. Yes, please write to support, they can clean it up.

advise, where I can write to respond quickly?

because on the official Steinberg site, all support links forwarded to our distributor
I wrote to distributor and no response for a long time
i used this link for request