How to deselect a slur

When I want, say, add natural sign I press “0” and then press again to deselect it. When I do that with a slur, it does not deselect; it rather builds up slurs and then adds a bunch of them when I hit the next note. Is this a bug? I can, however, deselect the slur by pressing “enter” and then grabbing the mouse and starting a new ‘carrot’ caret, but that breaks the work flow. Any suggestions?

Honestly, I do not understand why you press “0” again… Once the natural has been added, go and do the next stuff !
If you need to deselect slur (when adding slurs in input mode), just press Shift-S. It is the same behaviour with tuplets, I think.
Hope it helps.

I don’t press “0” again, I was just using that as an example of pressing the symbol once to select it, then again to deselect it. This does not work with slurs: I cannot deselect a slur.

If you select the slur (in Write mode) and press the Delete key, it will erase the slur. I know SHIFT-S is supposed to work, but for me (in Windows 7) it does not.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try!

Shift-S does not erase a slur - it stops a slur which has been started during note entry.

Thanks. I got the shift-S to work by simply closing the program and starting it again. Sometimes ya gotta do that!

You can deselect anything that’s selected by typing Ctrl+D (Command-D on Mac).

Carat (or karat) = unit of weight for precious stones
Caret = ^ or ‸ (insertion point; what we’re talking about in Dorico)
Carrot = long, orange vegetable

Mark, I don’t see a reference to any kind of carrot, caret or carat in this thread. Either I not understanding what you were saying or perhaps your comment was meant to be posted to another thread

Dear Mike,

I think Mark Johnson just reacted to the very first post of this thread (which indeed has a carrot in it !)
Thank you guys, you made me smile as I wake up !

That’s awesome that you spent the time to do this! The ‘caret’ symbol in Dorico mocks a ‘carrot’ representation, and therefore I shall request that in future updates it resemble its vegetable reference even more.

Mark, I stand corrected - guess I wasn’t awake!

I’m glad if people take me humorously; I “complained” as a public service because I’ve seen both misspellings multiple times now, and it affects searching. Cheers.

The caret is orange in Dorico.
Although I believe they were originally purple:

Hahahahahaaa…Thanks for the carrot museum link - great read! I am having a blast learning Dorico, but now and then it’s good to take a break and learn more about carrots.