How to detect MIDI cc numbers

There must be way to find out what are cc numbers of the Prologue / Mystic parameters are assigned to or any other VSTs that don’t have midi learn ability . I’ve searched entire web found nothing . there are various midi monitor apps but none of them can detect controller numbers unless you hand write
automation into midi parts cc lanes . anyone has any solution ,trick work around to this ?
if I haven’t clearly explained please do tell me .


If I understand you right, you want to see the list of MIDI CCs, which controls the plug-in(s) parameters. So actually you would like to see the common MIDI Specification, right?

I’m afraid, there is no way to get this list from outside.

I gathered it will be difficult . one way I’m thinking it would be possible if you could write automation into even/region as opposed to regular track automation . I’m new to Cubase and not sure if it is possible but it shouldn’t be that difficult . If I could do that then it solves the dilemma . cc lanes in region will show cc numbers .

I’ve switched to pretty much only use VST automation parameter control - also because it’s a 2 way communication - i.e. if you change a control in the plugin UI, it sends that information back to the host (i.e. Cubase). To make my midi controllers work, I’ve been using mostly Quick Controls. Can be a bit confusing to learn at first, but really worth it, if wanting to use an external midi controller. For advanced midi controller use, there’s the Generic Control.


Yes, you can write an automation. Probably the best way to control plug-ins parameters from your MIDI controller is to use Quick Controls, as @Nico5 suggested.

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