How to detect tempo of midi track

I have a track i played without the click on. It’s a fairly simple 8th note pattern on the keyboard, i would like to have cubase analyze the midi track and approximate it’s average tempo so i can write that down and then make a new project set at that exact tempo and re-record to a click

alternatively is it possible to analyze the tempo of what i played, and then snap everything to the grid? i don’t want cubase to make a custom tempo around my crappy playing, i want it to make what i played in time :ugeek:

simple stuff i know…i am getting lost though

If it’s simple 8ths notes I would duplicate the track then try quantizing it.
If it’s correct you can then change the tempo to anything you want.


go to the “Project” menu and select tempo detection. How it works is described on page 916 of the operation manual.