How to determine cross-staff notes

I may have abused the N and alt-N functions in some contrapuntal keyboard music. Now I feel a little wrapped around the axle trying to sort things out.

Is there a way to tell which notes have been cross-staffed (using N or M functions)? I think some notes have been alt-N (moved to next stave) and also cross-staffed.

Or would it be best to select the entire passage, and do Edit > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff?

By the way (feature request?), it would be nice if you could select an element like, and get all the attributes of that note, for debugging purposes, perhaps with a “reset” feature. The properties panel doesn’t show everything you can do.

Have you tried turning on voice colors? This would likely show you what you need to see. If it’s the color of the top stage but in the bottom stave you’ll know immediately.

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Color by voice helps a little, but in this case I have so many voices that it was hard to tell. There were sections with three voices in one stave.

I think my problem was abusing the N function instead of Alt-N. I think N is intended for cross -staffing beams, but I was grabbing big sections and N-ing 'em up a stave. In the end I did a Ctrl-A to select the entire flow, and turned off cross-staffing, then Alt-N’ed 'em up (or Alt-M’ed 'em down).

It would be great to select our own colors for voices for contrapuntal notation. This comes in handy for keeping voices organized, playing by voice, and avoiding the orange color that looks similar to the selected color. In some cases it’s even nice to print it with color, great for educational notation.