How to directly connect bass amp to Cubase via PC

I have a PC with Windows 10, and have just purchased Cubase 11. What I want to know:

I have a Fender Rumble amp that connects directly to my PC via USB cord. And of course I want to record a few notes that I play. How can I set up the new input source?

You would install their ASIO driver, and select that driver in Cubase Studio Settings. According to

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Hmm… I see that “No special drivers are necessary for either Windows or MacOS to record audio from your amp to your computer” on a connected page. Therefore, since I am using ASIO4ALL, I should already be able to connect the Fender amp to Cubase and record AUDIO (no midi, unfortunately) from the amp, and NOT any audio that the computer microphone picks up.

The amp is already connected to my PC when I look for it in Settings/Devices. Do you know how I can specifically select this amp as input?

I don’t know. The page I read says you need to install the ASIO driver. Cubase will only see interfaces via an ASIO driver.
f you have different info than I quoted, direct me to it.

i can’t include websites! but it is a page directly connected to the one you sent me :wink:

also, i tried to download Fender_Universal_ASIO_2_10_F.exe, but it just took me to a Fender Customer Support page. where the heck can i actually download it??

That I don’t know.