How to disable ARA and Extensions?

Hello, how do I disable ARA and/or extensions after they have been implemented in a project?

I am having issue with extensions using too much resource in my projects. When plugins use too much resource we can turn them off. After employing an extension, like Spectral Layers & Melodyne, is there a way to turn it off? Is there a way to disable all of the extensions? What is the best way to manage this resource?

One of the troubling issue I see is that even when it’s no longer active on a specific region, the extension still appears to effect the project. How do we cure this?


Just click to the Extension field in the Info Line and select -.

Unfortunately, this task above, clicking in the extension field and selecting a non-extension “-”, does not disable the extension program. It just removes the effect from that region. My question is how do we disable the whole ARA extension loop. So that it no longer effects the program.

For example, I loaded the Spectral Layers extension onto a two regions, dialogue. Then, my project began to engage a two second delay before starting playback. This does not work for me, so I turned off the extensions for the region. But unfortunately, I am now stuck with this two second delay.

I have check the Studio Setup window, and it does say a 2 second delay is active. But it will not let me adjust for a shorter 1 second, or zero second delay. So, the spectral Laters extension is still impacting the project.

In a music project, I engaged the Melodyne extension successfully, but it also continued to impact resources after I turned it off.

So, how do we disable these extensions after engaging them? Seems like we can turn them on, but can’t turn them off.