How to Disable CC and Velocity Data Recording in Cubase During MIDI Input?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding MIDI recording in Cubase. Is it possible to set up Cubase so that it doesn’t record any CC (Control Change) or velocity data when I’m inputting MIDI notes? Essentially, I want to manually add all automation lanes later and ensure that none of the knobs assigned to CCs affect the control lane during recording.

Sometimes I might find it useful to just record the note data without any additional control information. Is there a way to deactivate this function within Cubase for those occasions? So basically, I want sometimes to ensure that CC information isn’t captured during the recording process.

Thank you.

Have a look at the Input Transformer

which is the tool that does what you are asking.

A MIDI Note-On message always contains a Velocity value - it is part of what defines a Note’s data structure and you can’t create a Note without specifying a Velocity.

I was thinking to set all velocity values the same, since I presume that it’s the relative changing of velocity over a passage of notes that’s the problem.

In the input transformer I would filter out all CCs.