How to disable Quick Controls by default ?


when I create an instrument track, there is a Quick Controls section enabled by default. The parameters are automaticaly assigned to the plugin. Sometimes it’s cool but for me it’s often confusing, when I try to assign my own parameter directly on the instrument GUI (by MIDI Learn for. ex) and then I heard that the same knob from my MIDI Controller affects more than one parameter at the time. Then of course I turn off all QC section but maybe it can be disabled by default ? I have serched on manual and in preferences but without results. Any Ideas ?

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There are a couple of solutions here.

I don’t think there is a way to stop the Quick Controls from being enabled by default or a way to stop the QCs from being automatically “retrieved” from the instrument and assigned in the inspector. BUT, you can go to devices -> device setup… select Quick Controls", and in the drop down box, where it says “MIDI Input” select “Not Connected”. What this will do is tell Cubase that nothing is to actually control the Cubase Quick Controls. You will still be able to use your controller to control parameters with the “Learn CC” function, etc. You can also still control the “Quick Controls” in a VST Instrument like HALion Sonic SE with your controller with the MIDI Learn assignment (don’t confuse Cubase Quick Controls with Instrument Quick Controls). In this method, the Cubase Quick Controls are still assigned to the instrument but NOTHING will make them move.

Another solution is to make a habit, when creating a new track, of either disabling the Quick Controls in the inspector or clearing them out (both one button operations, which, from your post, you already seem to be aware of).

What controller are you using? I ask because Quick Controls are very convenient and powerful if you can set them up in a “spare” bank on your controller (if it has the capability).


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I think this is fine idea to redirect QC in Devices Setup, and ocasionaly use tchem as different setup of my MIDI Controller. I use AKAI MPK88, and it has plenty of presets for every instances.

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OK. I just wanted to mention that it is most likely possible with your controller to have your rotary knobs configured to transmit different MIDI CCs based on the selected “bank” on the controller. For example, you have “bank 1” selected on the MPK 88 and when you move the knobs, the knobs send on MIDI CC 1-8. Then, if you select “bank 2” on the MPK the eight knobs will send on MIDI CC 9-16, etc…

The reason I mention this is because the way I have MY controller set up is ONE of those “Banks” in the controller I have named “QCs” and they are assigned to send on MIDI CC 111-118. Then, in Cubase, I have the Quick Controls set up to be controlled by MIDI CC 111-118. Now, you still have the convenience of the Cubase Quick Controls but they will only react to the movement of your controller knobs if you have selected that “bank” on you controller. You could set your controller up so that one of the other “banks” sends on 8 different, unused, MIDI CCs to control OTHER automatable parameters in your instruments. It is confusing but to summarize, in the Quick Controls scenario, your controller knobs are connected to the Cubase Quick Control knobs which are then connected to the instrument knobs. In the other scenario (without Cubase Quick Controls) your controller knobs are connected directly to the instrument knobs.

I hope this information helps!

thats all great advices that I have already knew :slight_smile: probably there is no way to disable automatic assignment of QC on instruments track :frowning:

thanks once more for your kindness, you have written about it at large, really appreciate.

I hope in future I would have a chance to help you too.

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