How to display grid lines for n-tuplets (quintuplet, septuplet, etc)

It sounds like an obvious thing to see, when you are editing, to multiple subdivions grid lines…like a triplet (without changing your whole measure), but ok, you can do it at quantize preset tool!
But when you need to quantize a 5th or a 7th note, how will you see it without a “grid subdivision tool”, that you able or disable due to your needs?
We only can see regular, triplets or dotted notes, but never other subdivisions as mentioned before!!!

I appreciate you took the time to make and annotate a screenshot.
My suggestion is that you study quantization in Cubase more thoroughly, because what you are asking is 100% possible. The keywords you’re looking are:

  • Tuplets
  • Quantization Panel.

The OP requires a “grid splitter tool” to see the vertical lines corresponding to a 5th or 7th note, etc.

These lines can be used to draw and hook 5ths, 7ths, etc. directly in the key editor.

It would be nice and useful!
It could be a feature request.

Not like this?


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Thanks steve!

I don’t frequently write tuplets that go beyond the number 3 and therefore don’t use the quantization panel often … but your illustration opened my eyes.

Now I understand what alin89c suggested, whom I thank!

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