how to dissolve 2 miditracks into 3 parts ?

I have a midifile of a Bach piece which is 3 voices notated on 2 tracks - e.g. one of the voices is sometimes on track one, some times on track 2. All notes are on midi channel 1.
How would you gurus dissolve the 2 tracks into 3 separate voices ? - the only way I can think of is to go through the tracks and manually change the midi channel - but surely there must be another way ?

Your example has not been constructed in a way that makes automatic splitting very practical.

I would display the whole track in Score Edit and manually delete all but voice 1. Then again for the other two voices. It won’t take THAT long.

I’d just go through a part and shift-select all the notes that belong to the second voicing and change the MIDI channel to 2 and dissolve part by MIDI channels. I’d do the same for the other part and then combine the two parts of the second voicing and reset the MIDI channel.

yes - that’s the way I’m doing now it but it’s a fairly long piece.
I was hoping for maybe a logical editor that could do it automatically…

Problem is, how is Cubase supposed to know what note belongs to which voicing? :wink:

well - the voices don’t cross so maybe it could select 1 of 2 notes at the same position ?

Just had a shufty. There’s a LE preset to change low notes to channel 2. This could be modified to speed the process. Working on a tune, so I don’t have time now to play with it. It’s pretty straight forward.

Thank’s - yes that helps a little. but it’s still quite tedious.
And the voices DO cross which doesn’t make it any easier…

Could you maybe use “Dissolve Part” using “Separate Pitches”, then merge the ones you want on the same track?

Yeah, I had a feeling that was going to end up being the case. :wink:

Yeah, Bach tends to do that!

In the time you’ve spent trying to do this the lazy way, you could have finished the job manually 10 times over :slight_smile: