How to dissolve a midi part so that the tracks are in order?

When I use “Dissolve part” in Cubase my midi tracks are not in the correct order. Channel 4 is at the top. For example, If I want to dissolve a 4-part midi track with SATB harmony with each channel into its own midi track it makes sense that channel 1 is the top part not channel 4. Is there a way to change this?


Isn’t the very 1st note of the song at channel 4 by any chance?

It looks like th order of the tracks depends on which channel was encountered first, as Martin already suggested.
So you could create 4 fake notes at the very beginning of the part and make sure the one with channel 4 comes first, then channel 3, then 2 and 1.

Hi Martin and Johnny! This does not appear to be the case. Please see here that all 4 parts start at the same time


Does this show MIDI Channel 1, 2, 3 and 4? Is the E3 MIDI Chanel 1 and the E1 the MIDI Channel 4?

Hi Martin. The purple notes are channel 4 for the bass voice. The yellow notes are channel 1 for the soprano voice. Is this what you mean?

The thing is: MIDI is sequential, ie. nothing happens at the same time. It gets displayed in the editor as if events are exactly at the same time but when transmitted, one event is sent after the other. An indication, which event is “first” is the selection of a note. If you use the left cursor key to move the selection to the left the last event that you can select is the “first”.
Alternatively the List Editor might also give a clue to the order.

You can micro-manage the order by shifting notes by one tick (, two ticks, three ticks, …). AFAIK there is no other way to make Cubase use the order that YOU want.

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@Johnny_Moneto is absolutely correct and my thoughts are in the same direction.

I would be just wondering, if MIDI would read the data from top down. So it would start from Channel 16 down to Channel 1. I don’t think so. Same for the Pitch (if you have multiple MIDI Notes of the very same Start Position and different Pitch). I would expect it reads the dat from Pitch 0 to Pitch 127.

I agree.

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Thank you but it will be easier for me to reorder the tracks in that case. I just thought it would make sense that if I am using 4 channels that I would have them in order and thought that I must have been doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Welcome to the wonderful world of MIDI. People having been dealing with these questions since 1983. You are not the first and will not be the last.
Watch out for implementation of MIDI 2.0 - when all of us old people will have to learn something new as well. #namm2023 #namm2024 or #namm2025

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