How to do bus routing in Cubase Elements? Is it possible?

I’m using Cubase Elements 10 and trying to figure out how to do some basic bus routing. Previously I used Sonar so I’m still learning the Cubase way. Ie. Let’s say I have three guitar tracks and I want to route them through a stereo track called “Guitar Bus” so I can do FX on them as a group. Then this guitar Bus will go through the “Master Bus” along with everything else, which would have master FX like a master compressor/EQ/etc.

Can I do this in Cubase Elements? I read some posts suggesting this basic functionality is not present in Elements and you need to buy Pro just to do this type of routing. Is that true?


Yes you can, open the ROUTING tab in the mixer. Also you can do it from the inspector.

Could you please walk me through the steps on how to group bus (all guitar tracks, for example). I’m using Cubase Elements 10 also. I tried figuring it out through the Routing tab and Inspector as you suggested. But to no avail. I’m not technical at this, at all. Your help would greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There is nothing really technical at all about this. You create a group track, and assign the outputs of the desired tracks to the group intsead of the main outs. What is not working for you with that?

Sorry for replying so very late. I stumbled upon how to do it. I want to thank you for your help.