How to do get hidden tracks to reappear?

In my project window I hide two channels that were old lead guitars tracks. However I still found the hidden tracks showing on my Mixer page. So I wanted to unhide the tracks and move them at the end of the song. How do I unhide the tracks, I don’t see the option under edit or project?

If you look at the top of the inspector in project window you’ll see a visibility tab for hiding/unhiding.

The mixer also has it’s own visibility selector so you have full independent control of hiding.


If you want to show all tracks at once, you can click to the count of the tracks in the track list header. There is for example 18/20, which means 18 tracks are visible from the total count of 20 tracks. If you click here, all tracks becomes visible.

Btw: You can sync Project and MixConsole visibility. Click to the blob next to the Visibility title.