How to do one essential task in cubase

I read the manual all the time. I’ve read chapters on importing audio and exporting audio mixdowns. But, I need to know something. When I have multiple midi tracks and vst instruments open and I want to render one of those tracks as a wave/audio track so I can process it, how can i do this without mixingdown and exporting all of the tracks. I just want to export and reimport one as an audio track so I can cut it up and process it. More than 2 words might help me out here.

Either create a group track as an intermediate and set it as the output for your VSTi-track and input of the audio track you want to record to. (I also recommend to set the output of the group track itself to “No output”)

Or use batch export, in the audio mixdown screen you can choose it in the left section and then tick “Audio track” under “Import into project”.


Oh, really?

Just kidding, sorry! I think what you are wanting to do is “convert a MIDI track to audio”? The way to do that is to route an audio cable from your MIDI keyboard or other outboard MIDI instrument into your soundcard with an audio cable, and then record it in Cubase, just like recording a voice on a microphone. You can “render” as many of your MIDI tracks to audio in one pass as you have physical audio inputs to record to in your sound card/interface.

I’ll let someone else let you know about how to do the VST instruments, though I think that is probably better explained in the manual. Post back if more ?s!

You simply select the output of the one VSTi you want to mixdown on the left of the export window, or you solo the one VSTi (and its assigned MIDI channel) and mixdown the master bus.

Thanks for the responses everyone! I think now I can really get down to editing.