How to dock transport bar in Cubase 12

I would like to dock the transport bar to the bottom of my screen. The floating bar inevitably ends up blocking something else on the screen, and I have to keep moving it around to get it out of the way.

I managed to dock the bar in a project in a previous version of Cubase, but I can’t see how to do it in Cubase 12.

You can’t dock the Transport Bar. But you can show another set of transport controls at the top and/or bottom of your display.

  • For the bottom Transport, use the display controls to turn the various sections on and off. You can usually find these at the top right of your project window.
  • For the top Transport, right click on the area at the top and make sure “Transport Controls” is selected.

For Bottom Transport:


For Top Transport:

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I appreciate the help. I am able to get the top transport controls, but I don’t see how to access the above screen for the bottom transport, which is what I would prefer. The closest I can find is the Window pulldown menu, where I don’t see a transport option. Here is what it looks like:

I 've marked your ss.

Thanks. That’s a huge help!

I mentioned, “at the top right of your project window.” Was it not clear from that?

I used to get marked down in school for not following direction.

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Well, you’re not in school and when someone spends some time to help you solve your problem you better be reading carefully his suggestion because there might be no other suggestions than that and you will end up finding no solution to your answers. Just a friendly reminder. Cheers

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I’m honestly flabbergasted to receive this sort of reprimand here. I missed it. Maybe that never happens to you, but it happens to me.

Sorry I didn’t mean to insult you, you sound like a good guy, but that one post reply sounded a bit ungrateful. You probably said this a bit on the funny side, but internet posts are always impersonal.
Now that I read my post again it comes out too aggressive, so I publicly apologize.

Apology accepted.

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Yea it did. But no worries. No sleep lost. :joy:.

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It was a mistake to try to try to make light of missing what you posted. I was embarrassed.

Don’t worry about it dude. As mentioned, no sleep lost.