how to double the tempo( in bpm) only of a midi track?

hi guys

i have a problem with a virtual instrument, indiginus torcj ( vst electronic guitar) , which has a built in sequencer that does not have the feature of doubling its own rate

so they answered me that the only way to double its sewuencer time ( at this time) was to double the tempo of the song, but i would like to double ONLY the tempo time ( from 120 to 240 bpm, iin this case) of the indiginus track

is there a way to double the time ONLY of a midi track with respect with the tempo of the whole song ?

Use the time stretch tool to double the length of the part.

no, i was asking the opposite ( forgive me…i made a mistake in the title…please moderators could you change it ?)

id like to double the tempo of a midi track, not its lenght

( forgive me…i made a mistake in the title…please moderators could you change it ?)

Do it yourself… :confused:

id like to double the tempo of a midi track, not its lenght

Well, then half the MIDI part with the time stretch tool…

If the plug plays from it’s own sequencer then changing the length of your midi part won’t help…which I guess is why you are asking.

You can’t change the tempo for an individual track. Tempo is global.

Is there no way to turn the sequence data from the plug into an actual midi part in Cubase??..then you could follow the previous advice.

EDIT…I see this is a kontakt instrument…maybe you can use the option send midi to outside world, record the part & then change tempo??

If that´s the case:
-Set all tracks to linear timebase, except the one you want to change the tempo - it should stay in musical timebase
-double (or half) the project tempo.
-set the track to linbear timebase also
You now got double (half) project tempo, with all tracks at the original tempo, only the one in musical timebase changed to double

I THINK the track in question will need to have its start point adjusted so it starts at the origin (before changing the tempo), otherwise it will probably begin playing at a different time than it did before (in addition to the desired effect of its having a different tempo). Traveling and away from Cubase … does that sound right?

The track does not need anything adjusted if at all then the MIDI parts. If there are more then one, they will no longer start at the same place since they are now double tempo (half length). But the adjustment can / should be done afterwards.

Yes, I’m saying it’s the MIDI track that will need to have it’s starting point adjusted as a result of changing the tempo.

I thought I remembered what I did to do that well enough to make my previous post, but I see now I don’t - sorry for muddying any waters. I’ll check out my notes when I get back and post back if there’s anything to add.

Thanks -

It’s a Kontakt instrument, right?
There’s a guy, over at the N.I. forums, goes under the nickname “EvilDragon”, who is pretty wizz at scripting. (he offers his services at a reasonable price :wink: ).
I don’t know if you know Session Strings, but it, too, has an arpeggiator, and EvilDragon built a script for it that could double/halve the master clock to it. You would certainly lose nothing by sending him a PM, asking what would be involved for him to write a Global script to multiply/divide incoming MIDI clock. (as a Global Script, it would then pass on its modifications to the instruments loaded in the Kontakt rack).


It’s in the midi menu, logical presets, divide or double tempo.

Sorry, although that doubles/halves actual MIDI note and controller events, it has no effect on MIDI clock, which is was it wanted here (in order to pilot this particular instrument’s own sequencer) :wink:.

u can do few things:
1- time stretch the midi event just like u usually would with audio (press “1” twice and select time stretch tool)
2- use tempo track only on that instrument
3- open another project, with the tempo u want and bounce to audio then reopen in ur main project.

the last one is kinda annoying because u have to keep going back and forth