How to downgrade Cubase PRO 9 To 8.5 ?

I just bought Cubase Pro 9 but i have full of 32 bits VST.
I would like to know if it’s posible to downgrade to Cubase Pro 8.5 ?
I have never installed Cubase Pro 9 and its license has not yet been activated.

So can i downgrade it to 8.5 and how can i do it?

Thanks for your help cause i’m lost :frowning:.
Kinds Regards

If you activate your 9 license, it will allow you to run any earlier version, 8.5, 8 , 7.5 , 7, etc…

If you’re not interested in installing C9 at all you can just install elicenser and activate your C9 license.

You will have to contact support to ask for a link for 8.5 full installer.

Ok good. Thank you very much Mr. Beer & Grim. Thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.

Musicaly :wink:

Use jBridge with Cubase Pro 9… It’s better than the 32 bit plugin support in Cubase 8.5. Don’t waste your time using old versions.

Really ?

I contacted the support more than a week ago, but no response !!!
someone to help me please ?


These links might still work for 8.5 …

Yes, there’s no reason to use 8.5 when you can use jBridge with Cubase 9 and get better results.

Thanks for your advice.
I have a lot of VSTI (East-west, Nexus, Kontakt, Sylenth…) in 32bits version. They work smoothly with jbridge? And CPU does not overload?

Thanks you so much :smiley:

Yes. Jbridge works flawlessly in Cubase 9 (And Cubase 8.x for that matter). Better than Steinberg’s native 32bit bridger.

Ok Thanks for advice :smiley: