How to draw a bordered box

Hello! Is there any way to draw a box like the one on screenshot inside dorico (without graphics import)? There is such option in Sibelius, but I wonder if something similar is available in Dorico.

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Welcome to the forum, Eldar. I’m afraid your screenshot didn’t make it onto the forum. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking without seeing the picture. If you want to add a box around text, you can do that using the ‘Border’ property (select the text item and open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window). If you want to add a frame as a kind of cell or aleatoric notation, there’s no good way to do that at the moment but you can do it by adding a frame in Engrave mode and setting it to show a border in the Properties panel.

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Reading this discussion about the aleatoric box notation it struck me that the continuation line that follows the box, that line has structural similarities with the Rhythmic slashes which I love in Dorico. Daniel, could this be a way to handle them?

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(happily having moved from Sibelius)

We certainly have ideas about how to handle box notation in future, don’t worry!

Is that as in Morton Feldman box notation?

I was thinking of Lutoslawksi, but I don’t know much of Feldman’s music. I guess they use a similar technique.

If he means something like the Projections – and he must, because I can’t recall any other parallel – than no, it’s a whole other thing.

Please add my +1 to support for boxed notation as a feature request.

and even +1.


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I have attempted a way using graphic music symbols + horizontal line, but it’s somewhat time consuming and hard to handle, and it didn’t work on percussion …

I have posted a possible solution to this here:

Thanks, Daniel! I was talking about aleatoric box, yes. Text frame worked for me then, but now I am handling any extreme contemporary notation in external vector editor and I am happy with that.

And thanks for the beautiful program! I work in Dorico with pleasure all the time.

+1 to support for boxed notation as a feature

Thanks for tips in this thread for how to solve it right now!

This might help also: