How to Draw a MIDI Crash Choke Note in Cubase 10


Using a Roland TD-50 I can record MIDI crash choke notes. I would like to know how to draw a MIDI choke note when done recording and in the editing phase. I know how to draw the note, but not how to choke it. I would like to know how to edit the length of chokes too.

When I’ve looked in Cubase for the CC, I have not found data yet that seems to choke a cymbal or affect the choke length. I thought it was aftertouch but when I look at a recorded choke note’s CC data, I can’t find any where if I change it, it changes the length of the choke. Does anyone know how to do this?

As far as I know choking a cymbal is going to be dependent on the specific VSTi.

I use BFD3 and in it a choke is treated as if it were another articulation for a specific cymbal or drum. Like all the other articulations the choke articulation can be assigned to a MIDI Note Number in a Drum Map. So a note-on message sent to MIDI Note #X will choke my hats, while Note #Y chokes Ride1, and Note #Z chokes Ride2, etc.

You need to look at the specifics for whatever VSTi is your drum sound generator.

As far as I recall, Roland V Drums use aftertouch for choking. Try looking for that.

Yeah if it’s for V Drums you add a lane for ‘Poly Pressure’ in the key editor view (Piano roll), Then draw a single point where you want the choke to happen, and then edit that value to make sure it has the correct key value assigned to it.
Remember to add a second value in for the release of that choke also.

You can add the ‘midi monitor’ plugin on that track and then send a choke from your Roland TD-50. You should be able to see what event is send with what parameters?

You should also be able to see that information in the list editor, I think.

I showed the polypressure lane but it didn’t have any data. I tried drawing it in going from low to high or high to low values and it didn’t do anything.

II used the MIDI monitor in SD3 and I see aftertouch values but no aftertouch data seems to be recorded. I tried drawing in values from low to high and high to low but no luck. I also saw note on and note off but but when I tracked them in SD3 I think they were related to the hats sensitivity being too high. Only one MIDI note would be recorded in the drum editor (or piano roll). I didn’t see a CC for notes on or off. I thought it would have been two separate MIDI (and musical) notes.