How to draw notes without redrawing underlying note data

I’d like to know how it may be possible to draw a note in the Key Editor when multiple parts are selected without having to have Edit Active Part switched on?

I know there are numerous complaints about unfinished work in relation to the program but I personally would not stop using Cubase because of any one particular problem since there are too many features I cannot work without and other DAW’s are never mature enough feature wise, to be bothered with in my experience.

So now it seems that Drum Mapped tracks are muted when selecting multiple piano roll only tracks and Soloing from within the editor; I was starting to worry that feature incompletness had crept in and was about to commence a tirade :wink: thus wasting time on actually working with music.

Anyway, all the modifier keys I’ve chosen do nothing in this regard, so would this be a feature request for the next version (8)?