How to duplicate bars with its content

I’m looking for a way to duplicate 1 or more bars with content (notes, repeats, dynamics etc.) For example a 4 bar bass figure to be repeated in a large part of a piece.

  1. If you Copy a region, and then select a larger region to paste it into, Dorico will repeat it.

  2. Pressing R will repeat the current selection immediately afterwards. So, if the selection is a whole bar, pressing R will fill it into the next, and the next.

  3. The current selection will be copied to a new location with Alt-click.

Thank you, benwiggy.
I am now able to copy notes, but the dynamics, repetitions and time changes are not copied. Maybe I’m not selecting the bars correctly.
I click on the first note and then, with expand selection, the last. Is that the right way to select a bar/region?

Clicking anywhere in a bar (where there are no other objects than the staff lines) should select everything in the bar. Or drag a region.
Or use the System Track (Alt T) to select a bar.

Ben, your link is to the Dorico Pro manual; Marien is using Dorico for iPad (according to the sub-topic at the top). Do they work the same in this instance?

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Should do :slight_smile: (just for “click”, substitute “tap”)

Thanks Ben, it works

Wouldn’t it be much easier of I could select a number of bars like this:

And then copy & paste them? Or is this already possible and I just don’t find it?

I think it’s quite cumbersome to ensure selecting “everything” manually if we have such a nice bar on top.

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To make the selection, just click that little box at the end of the orange section.


I find that you can easily overlook and forget that little box. I wish it was white like the waste bin at the other end.

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