How to edit CC11s for more than 1 midi track?


Is it possible to edit more than one midi track’s CC11 at the same time on Cubase 8 Pro? I mean for example there are 3 strings midi tracks, all of them have CC11 data. When I select 3 of them and double click on a midi track, I rewrite CC11 at the bottom but this is valid for one midi track. I have to open and edit the other 2 channels one by one. How can I edit all CC11 datas at the same time?


and ideas? When there are more than 10 tracks, it is hard to edit their CC11 (or C1) one by one!

Use the Logical Editor
in the Top Pane, enter
“Type is :: Equal :: Controller”
add a line to the top pane:
“Value 1 [this will automatically become Midi Controller No.] :: Equal :: 11”

In the bottom pane, enter
[For example, if you want to change all the CC11 messages to CC7]
“Value 1 :: Set to fixed value :: 7”

Make sure the Function [bottom of Editor window] is set to “Transform”
Click on “Apply”
all selected parts/tracks with CC11 data will be transformed to CC7

Thanks but I think this is not what I need. I want to edit multiple midi tracks’ CC11 and/or CC1 data. Is that possible?

What do you want to do with the CC11 and/or CC1 data?

Well, I am using CC1 and CC11 especially for strings. Imagine that there are 20 midi channels for strings (3 violas, 8 violins, 4 cellos etc). All of them have different CC1 and CC11 datas. But sometimes I need to change all CC1 and CC11 datas with the same data. To do that I have open a midi track, write new CC1 and CC11 data, copy it, and paste to all other 19 midi tracks one by one. My question is, is there a way to select all midi tracks and write CC1 and CC11 datas at once for all of them? (like selecting all midi tracks and deleting a note! as you know this action deletes all selected not for all selected midi tracks with one click).

You need to use a workaround for this.

Have your midi tracks show lanes, and have the CC11 data in a part on its own on track 1, underneath a part with the notes and other stuff in it.

Copy your CC11 data part to the other midi tracks as a ghost part.

Now when you edit your CC11 data on track 1, the changes will be reflected in the ghost parts on the other midi tracks.

Ok great! thank you for the idea, but other midi tracks also have their own CC11 data. And when I do this 2 different CC11 datas combine together which results in a bad formation. Did I understand or make something wrong?

There is a solution using midi sends if anyone is interest check out this video